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Safe patient handling

Seba™ Demonstration Video

Seba supine to seated edge of bed Demonstration Video
In this video we share our best tips on how to use the Seba when aiding a patient or resident in and out of bed.

Only Seba™ enables you to safely and comfortably move a patient from a supine to seated position at the edge of the bed – and back again – in one simple motion.

Ergonomic efficiency

Reduces the burden of manual patient lifting.
  • Up to 80% less lift load
  • Ensures safe working posture


Delivers predictability and consistency in day-to-day SSEB tasks with a single solution.
  • Reliable control and stability
  • Simple and repeatable process


Drives patient compliance by promoting comfort, security and participation during the positioning process.
  • Encourages patient involvement
  • Facilitates patient mobility

Seba™ is designed to reduce the lift load and the associated risk of caregiver back injury by ensuring ergonomic efficiency in SSEB positioning.

Seba also aims to improve operational efficiency, as the solution does not require advanced patient handling skills and is specifically designed to be used by a single caregiver.
Seba is designed to: Reduce the lift load, Enhance caregiver performance, Increase cost efficiency.

1. Positioning Grip

  • Primary control for lifting and lowering
  • Maximised patient stability
  • Reduction of primary load during lifting and lowering

2. Shoulder Support

  • Thin profile for easy positioning
  • Promotes patient comfort via optimised weight distribution
  • Designed to help keep patient spine straight throughout lift

3. Comfort Handle

  • Delivers patient reassurance
  • Promotes patient participation and security

4. Power Grip

  • Ergonomic efficiency during patient lift
  • Rotates for use on both sides of bed

5. Pivot Point

  • Easy and controlled lifting and manoeuvring

6. Leg Support

  • Keeps lower body free of stress and strain
  • Designed to help keep patient spine straight throughout lift

Maximum patient weight:

185 kg (408 lbs)


4.5 kg (9.9 lbs).

Dimensions (H x W x D):

1238 mm x 490 mm x 151 mm